The all-in-one discussion platform for EPFL and UNIL students.


What is TalkZone ?

TalkZone is the first social network made by EPFL students for EPFL and UNIL students. Discuss about anything, rate your courses, choose your SHS accordingly, and much more.


Finally a platform where you can freely share and discuss on all topics without getting cancelled.

Rate your courses

Did you enjoy a class, or not so much? Leave a post to help future students who may hesitate. Also choose the SHS that suits you best, given the previous feedbacks.

Only for students : a bot-free platform

Since TalkZone is only accessible to EPFL and UNIL students, no bots can disturb the discussion space. Freely discuss and share with other colleagues from university.


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Posts and comments

Share what you have in mind on all subjects, linked or not to your university. Debates, feedbacks, questions: there is no limitation.

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Discussions organized by zones 

Navigate easily trough different zones representing the different discussion subjects. Zones can be nested within one another.

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Salt your courses

Take out your frustration by salting the courses that deserve it 😜. Its time for the big comeback...

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For each post and comment, choose to be anonymous or not 😎. In the latter case, custom your profile with a pseudo, bio and avatar.

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Polls and reactions

Everyone loves stupid polls. Ask the community's opinion on all subjects. Additionally, react with a ❤️ or a 💩 on all posts you see.

Share your knowledge, your opinion without getting cancelled.

Who we are

We are a group of students who firmly believe in free-speech and polite discussion as the way to improve society.

Our mission

We aim to provide a convenient platform for every student. To simply talk, ask for help or advice on study choices and more.

What we do

We do not seek to make any profit. We do not use any cookies or tracking/analytics tools. The project is fully collaborative and open-source.

Community rules

  • Respect each other
    We believe that a debate is only possible with the respect of others' opinions.
  • Do not insult anyone
    No violent, offensive or hateful content. Nor intimidation, discrimination or insults. Be gentle. Rating professors is forbidden by law.
  • No racism, homophobia or anything punishable by law
    No one is above the law, not even with anonymous posts. Be respectful. No one is supposed to ignore the law.
  • Do not share or ask for personal information
    Be always careful online. For your own security, do not share any personal information to anyone.


Any member of the EPFL or UNIL community can join. The only requirement is to have an or email address. You can access TalkZone from anywhere with your phone or computer.

Everything! Posts, comments, reactions, courses discussions, feedback, questions, answers, advice and more.

Yes, everything you publish on TalkZone can be anonymous or not. However, we suggest you not to do this systematically, and instead to set up a profile with an image to make it more pleasant.

No, there is no moderation team that subjectively decides if a content is appropriate or not. If a post is inappropriate, you can report it. After a certain number of reports on the same post, we will contact by email the author of that post to kindly ask him to either edit or delete the content. In the case the author decides to ignore and to do nothing, we will blur and de-annonymize the post. At this point, it is a matter of his own civil responsibility. The initiation of a judicial complaint against the author of any post is always possible.

Recall by the Terms of Service:
We are not liable for any statements or representations in your contributions provided by you in any area on the site. You are solely responsible for your contributions to the site and you expressly agree to exonerate us from any and all responsibility and to refrain from any legal action against us regarding your contributions.

Yes, the project is fully collaborative and open-source. You can find the code on GitHub. If you are interested to join and contribute to the project, or you simply have some good ideas, do not hesitate to contact us!

We store only what is strictly necessary for the proper functioning of the site. In particular, we do not use any cookies or tracker/analytics tools. For a detailed description of what data we store precisely, please see our Privacy Policy, or the code source on GitHub.

For more questions, check out our dedicated FAQ page.

Free & honest speech

We have the courage to challenge the problematics of freedom of expression, a fundamental right that even Twitter for example has obviously not managed to solve without using hostile censorship.

100% Swiss made
Made by EPFL students

We have dedicated hundreds of hours of work and wrote thousands of lines of clean code to build a quality project, using the latest technologies. The project is obviously open-source.


Your opinion matters.

Today is the day to share your opinion without getting cancelled. Say what is on your heart, share your thoughts with your peers and contribute to the community.

TalkZone © 2022. All Rights Reserved. Made with ❤️ at EPFL.

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